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Giuseppe Panzella is the author of the music in Sussongs.

The musicians are part of Ec(h)osonic, funded with bass player Alessandro Maiorino, featuring Roberto Regis, sax, Alberto Tafuri, keyboards, and Enzo Zirilli, drums. Giuseppe Panzella's personal research develops throughout a musical


endless fir woods and the urban world, electronic and acoustic sounds, inspired improvisation and orderly composition.
Several instruments have been used in this emotional live: bass, drums, flute, sax and guitars blend with loops, analogic and digital echoes and electronic drums to create sounds which depict a naturalistic mood in the midst of an over crowded and hyperactive urban scene. The result is this fascinating mix of ambient, electronics, modal jazz, drum&bass and hip hop groove, with a touch of psychedelia. Finding his inspiration for his minimalist compositions in World Music, he introduced samples of interviews and sounds recorded during numerous trips between Italy and Norway, "stolen" with a minidisk recorder from unaware passers-by who thus become the main characters in the development of the compositions.

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01 - Low Ceiling/High Sky [6:02]
02 - Another Voyage [6:00]
03 - Scherzo (non troppo) [2:57]
04 - Suss [5:38]
05 - Flightmare suite: Take off [3:47]
06 - Flightmare suite: Landing [5:10]
07 - Flightmare suite: Anything To Declare [0:38]
08 - God Only Knows - Beach Boys [4:33]
09 - Torino Blu [5:43]
10 - Zi' Rusina [2:29]
11 - Miracle Song [5:35]
12 - Suss Song [3:29]