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He graduated at the Music University of Oslo, Norway, in jazz music, guitar and composing.

He did classical studies in violin, viola, piano and guitar at the conservatory of Alessandria, Italy .

He then focused on experimental music using non conventional instruments such as loopers, special effects, etc.

He worked for ECM in northern Europe, working with the guitarist composer Terje Rypdal and the composer Trygve Madsen, two of the most representative names in contemporary Scandinavian music.
He participated in several projects from pop to jazz and electronic music on the Norwegian music scene, collaborating with artists such as Berline Zetlitz and Richard Thomas, and he played with bands such as Liquid, Oslo Fluid, Pimp Image, Universitetes Big Band.
He took part in the electronic music festival of Blaa in Oslo , and the jazz festivals of Sandvika , Voss and Upsala (Sweden).
He collaborated with the Italian Culture Institute in Oslo on a study into the use of Italian dialects in the modern language, and he composed the music for a multi media concert commissioned by the Italian Embassy in Norway ("Zi' Rusina").
He worked at the city music school of Oslo teaching guitar, improvisation, harmony and theory.
In 2003 he was awarded a two-year scholarship from the music Institute Loerenskog Ungdommenshus to do research and work in Italy .
The aim of the project was to promote artistic and didactic collaboration with musicians and music schools in Italy .
In 2004 he started a musical project with bass player Alessandro Maiorino, with other well known musicians: Roberto Regis, sax, and Enzo Zirilli, drums.
At the beginning of 2005 he composed part of the soundtrack for a documentary film, "Verso Casa", produced by Kinoetika in collaboration with Tampep.
In spring 2005 he took part with Ec(h)osonic in the international review "Dalle Nuove Musiche al Suono Mondiale" (from new music to worldwide sounds), with some of his compositions.
With his cd "Sussongs", Giuseppe bid farewell to music, and life. After 20 long months of illness, he passed away on 6 th January 2006.
One of his compositions, "Low Ceiling/High sky", is part of an European compilation edited by Piemontegroove, released in occasion of the Winter Olympic Games 2006 in Turin .