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A pliable, demurred, coloured and intense art: that is the creative heritage of Giuseppe Panzella. The velvety smooth sound is always surprising and unexpected, although it does not lead to any sentimentalism The harmony spreads a sense of calm vertigo of pure emotion: a unique and speechless one.

His flair for music is a dreamland: the artist dreams and simultaneously creates expressive melodies. The expressiveness is directed towards his own destiny before his own audience.
That destiny is a bundle of floating soft sonorities, which are even more touching now, that he passed away. The real creative soul of the artist is brought to light.
The inspired genius finds out himself and draws out the lines of his destiny: both of his body and of metaphysics of sound. He is a Janus-faced man living the world as much as he can. One part of himself paints an elegant goodbye floating in the sound, the other one crosses and gets over it.
"Sussongs" is an act. It is a mix of styles ranging from Jazz to Fusion, carrying an astonishing beauty. This charm looks for a place in the hearts of the ones who deeply love Giuseppe Panzella. Memory will never forget, but foresee the dimension this music creates.
In the last track he sings "Now the silence gives a part of itself" and it ends with "at the rhythm of an endless hug".
That part of the silence seems to make for a place where daily time is relative and universal time is everything. A time without a begin and without an end. Sussongs shows that kind of time in a melting pot of styles; it is the last Testament and poetry of the artist sadly passed away.

[Turin , 30 th March 2006 Antonello de Vita]

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